Name: Teresa Cristina Ferreira da Silva
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 24/09/2020

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Ethel Leonor Noia Maciel Advisor *

Examining board:

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Ana Claudia Gama Barreto External Alternate *
Anne Caroline Barbosa Cerqueira Vieira External Examiner *
Carolina Maia Martins Sales Internal Examiner *
Ethel Leonor Noia Maciel Advisor *
Geisa Fregona Carlesso Internal Alternate *
Thiago Nascimento do Prado Co advisor *

Summary: Objective: To describe the clinical and socio-economic profile, and the depressive
symptoms of people undergoing tuberculosis treatment in the metropolitan region of
the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. Methodology: This is a descriptive, cross-sectional
study carried out between August 2019 and March 2020, within the scope of primary
care in municipalities of the metropolitan region of Espírito Santo. Socio-economic,
behavioural, and clinical data were collected through an interview, and the
depressive symptoms were tracked by the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9).
Results: The sample consisted of 92 patients, mostly male, non-white, 41.5 years old
(average), half of which were single, without complete elementary school,

unemployed, with a family income of up to 3 minimum wages, belonging to the socio-
economic classes C, D and E, and not covered by a cash transfer program. 48% of

the sample with depressive symptoms were screened, with 81% in a severity level
ranging from mild to severe, with predominance of the symptom of fatigue (84%) and
the presence of a depressed mood and anhedonia in 58%. Conclusion: Depressive
symptoms in the studied population showed a relevant and potential frequency to
harm the personal, social and health status of people undergoing tuberculosis
treatment. Thus, in the perspective of the National Plan for the End of Tuberculosis,
tracking depression or its manifestations can expand the care and prevention actions
focused on the patient with tuberculosis and reduce the combined effects of
tuberculosis and depression.

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