Name: Elana Rodrigues Bortolon
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 22/05/2020

Namesort descending Role
Elizabete Regina Araújo de Oliveira Advisor *

Examining board:

Namesort descending Role
Bruno Henrique Fiorin External Alternate *
Elizabete Regina Araújo de Oliveira Advisor *
Flávia Batista Portugal Internal Alternate *
Margareth Attianezi Bracet External Examiner *
Maria Helena Monteiro de Barros Miotto Co advisor *
Thiago Nascimento do Prado Internal Examiner *

Summary: Objective: To analyse the demographic, socio-economic and health factors related
to the quality of life of elderly at Third-Age Conviviality Centres. Method: This is an
analytical study with a transversal design. The final sample was comprised of 400
users. Structured scripts were used for data collection, including the WHOQOL-bref
and WHOQOL-old tools. Data descriptive analysis was organized in frequency tables
with number, percentage, average and standard deviation for each of the items in the
research tools. The relationship between quality of life and the independent variables
was established through Variance Analysis and T Student test. The significance level
adopted for the tests was that of p < 0.05 (5%). The IBM SPSS 20 statistical package
was used for this analysis. Results: The dimensions assessed presented an average
score of 73.6, SD=17.4 for general quality of life and satisfaction with own health. The
psychological domain obtained the highest scores (75.5, SD=13.4) and the function
of the senses (82.8, SD=17.4), while the worse scores were those of environment
(68.1, SD=17.4) and autonomy (69.6, SD=15.9) domains. The highest averages
suggest a better perception of the quality of life. It is highlighted that the elderly with
up to 11 years of education and a family income of up to 3 minimum wages
presented the worse perception of the quality of life, with a difference between the
groups that was high to extremely significant. Conclusion: The study was able to
identify the relationship between quality of life and the following variables:
race/colour, education, socio-economic, and health.

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