Name: Nathália Gama Puppim
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 06/12/2019

Namesort descending Role
Flávia Batista Portugal Co-advisor *
Marluce Mechelli de Siqueira Advisor *

Examining board:

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Carolina Fiorin Anhoque External Examiner *
Carolina Maia Martins Sales Internal Examiner *
Flávia Batista Portugal Co advisor *
Maria Helena Monteiro de Barros Miotto Internal Alternate *
Marluce Mechelli de Siqueira Advisor *
Trixy Cristina Niemeyer Vilela Alves External Alternate *

Summary: Alcohol and tobacco consumption among university students has been relevant
in recent studies and recognized as a public health issue. Therefore, the aim of
this study was to characterize alcohol and tobacco use among Speech Therapy
students of a public university. It is a cross-sectional and exploratory study, and
the investigation was based on filling the instrument proposed by the National
Secretariat for Drug Policy (Secretaria Nacional de Políticas sobre Drogas –
SENAD). For the data analysis, it was used the Statistical Package for the Social
Science (SPSS) version 24. The study includes a sample of 130 students enrolled
on the undergraduate course of Speech Therapy, which corresponds to 79.06%
of the students enrolled in 2018. There was a predominance of female sex
(93.8%), single (96.2%), have a religion (86.2%). Alcohol use during the life, the
year, and the last 30 days were: 79.2%, 56.2%, and 45.4%, respectively.
Regarding tobacco, 21.5% reported that they had already consumed it at some
point in life; in the year, 8.5% and in the last 30 days, 7.7%. In the multivariate
analysis, the significant predictor variables for alcohol use were age and religious
practice. On the other hand, for tobacco use the variables were: sex, religious
practice and ethnic group. The studies concerning alcohol and tobacco
consumption among university students are necessary in order to comprehend
the diverse dimensions of drug use in society.

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