Name: Maristela de Oliveira Costa
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 11/09/2019

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Rita de Cássia Duarte Lima Advisor *

Examining board:

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Elda Coelho de Azevedo Bussinguer External Examiner *
Eliane de Fátima Almeida Lima Internal Examiner *
Rita de Cássia Duarte Lima Advisor *

Summary: Introduction: federal university hospitals play an important role in society, meet
demands of medium and high complexity, make up the Unified Health System
network, train and qualify health professionals. In 2011, the Brazilian Hospital
Services Company was created to be the manager of these institutions. It
implemented a new management model, altered the staffing structure and put an
end to outsourced workers' contracts for the nursing team, however, worsened
disputes over recognition and space among these workers. Objectives: to analyze
the main differences in the labor rights of statutory employees and public
employees, and their repercussions, based on the perception of the nursing team.
Methodology: Descriptive exploratory study with qualitative approach. Field
research was performed with the nursing team of the surgical center and the
medical clinic of the university hospital in the period of November and December
2018, through an individual interview, using a semi-structured script, enabling the
interviewee to express their opinion and personal affection about coexistence of
labor rights and their differences to the same professional team. The analysis of
the answers was made through the technique of content analysis. Results: from
the analysis of the answers, it was possible to perceive that some of the workers
consider detrimental the coexistence of legal regimes and divergent labor rights for
the same team of professionals. It was found that the situation is unfavorable to the
interprofessional relations, for generating discomforts and comparisons. It was
found that there is distortion in some information pertinent to labor rights of nursing
professionals, which further stresses the work environment. The spread of correct
information about the rights of statutory and bargaining workers can minimize
internal conflicts. Product: a primer was developed as an educational technology
to provide information on labor rights and their differences, addressing the rights
that were most cited and affecting the participants. Final Considerations: the
coexistence of different legal bonds causes prejudice and tension in professional
relations. The hiring of Empresa Brasileira de Serviços Hospitalares ended
contracts with the outsourced nursing professionals, reducing the precariousness
of work. However, it has not solved or resolved the numerous disagreements and
conflicts that already exist in federal university hospitals, but, on the contrary, has
heightened the tensions between the teams in labor relations. Regarding the
nursing team, there was a polarization of workers between statutory and
insolvency practitioners, evidencing the differences in labor rights, notably
regarding salaries and their advantages. The public servants feel disadvantaged,
unmotivated, devalued, abandoned and without representation in the Institution.
Public employees , on the other hand, have disadvantages in relation to their lack
of stability and the right to leave for training.

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