Doctoral Degree in Public Health

Level: Doctorate degree *
Starting year: 2012
Current CAPES Mark of the course: 5
Ato normativo: Parecer 487/2018
Number of credits for academic degree in disciplines: 44
Number of credits for academic degree from the dissertation ending: 20
Number of credits for academic degree others: 0
Admission period: Yearly

Target audience:

The program is intended for professionals with a master's degree in health sciences, humanities or social sciences, hard sciences and other related areas. In order to obtain the doctoral degree, candidates must complete course credits, undergo the qualification exam, publish articles and present a thesis on a topic related to one of the areas covered by the program based on original and independent research.

The program is comprised of two broad fields of study, each one covering two areas of research.
1. Health Policy and Management
Public Policies and Health Systems
Health Evaluation

  1. Epidemiology
    Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases
    Epidemiology of Transmissible Diseases

Further details on the research groups and research centers are available at:

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